Reservations and Other Pending Acquisitions

Most Japanese models are produced in limited runs, and re-run infrequently, if at all. And some are in such high demand that they sell out immediately, and you need to reserve them in advance to be sure of getting one.

If a specific model is important to you, preordering it through a store that allows advance reservations is a really good idea.

I tend to do my reservations through Hobby Search, as they have a fairly simple-to-use system for ordering, and competitive prices (Note: HS changed their cancelation policy in Jan 2011, and now only allow cancellations for a brief period after the preorder is placed, but they made that easier to do with a button, rather than sending them email).

Note: trains delivered get moved off this page after a week or three, and placed on the Recent Arrivals page.

On order / In Transit

The Bus Collection Toei Bus Isuzu Erga 5-Car Set A (Tomytec 255369), Qty. 3 - Due May, Arrived September
This is a set of five busses used in Tōkyō. I’ve ordered three sets (although the preorder closed when I did, so I may have exceeded what was available). This plus some I already had should provide plenty for detailing stations and roads (there is usually more than one bus parked at a major station, since multiple routes converge there). All three sets arrived. They may have been delayed due to the quantity. Each of the five is a different model, but they all look similar and represent modern (post-2001) bus designs in the Tōkyō Metropolitan Government Bureau of Transportation (Toei) colors. All five can be equipped with the Moving Bus System motors, although they don’t come motorized.


None outstanding.

Other things I eventually plan to get

I might get an E2 Shinkansen, to go with my E3 (they operate in linked sets at the Tōkyō end of the line). I don’t like the look as much, though. I’m tempted to buy another E5 so I can run two of them on the outer loop, but not quite tempted enough. I’m sure Kato or Micro Ace (or maybe Tomix) will find some way to tempt me if I wait a bit.