JR East

The East Japan Railway Company (東日本旅客鉄道株式会社), more commonly known as JR East is one of the six regional passenger train companies of the JR Group, successor to the Japanese National Railway. It is also, according to Wikipedia, the largest passenger railway company in the world. JR East operates conventional (narrow gauge commuter and regional) and Shinkansen (standard-gauge inter-city bullet train) lines in the region surrounding and north of Tōkyō. It also owns a monorail, bus company, restaurant chain and newsstand company.

My model railroad focuses on the commuter and suburban trains that operate in and around Tōkyō, and JR East's trains are a big part of that. I've assembled some information related to the company and its trains in this subsection of the larger Prototype section. But other information related to it can be found in other parts of the Prototype section, as it is so tightly interwoven with the Tōkyō railway scene, and my modeling interests.