Urban Station

The Urban Station is the centerpiece of the Urban Station scene, and replicates an elevated multi-modal station with Shinkansen and commuter platforms, a bus/taxi park, and an intersecting tram line, typical of many of Tōkyō’s stations. A multi-lane avenue parallels the station structure, and is fronted by a variety of short six to ten storey commercial buildings.

Urban Station 2831

In part, the Urban Station is formed of Kato’s Viaduct Station Set (23-125, which is no longer listed by Kato USA but is still listed as “in stock” by Kato Japan, and available from overseas stores) and the new Overhead Transit Station (23-122 & 23-123; presently not listed by Kato USA, but available from some domestic stores). However, these were used as a starting point, due to the desire to make the station somewhat different from the out-of-the-box intended design. It’s also still a work-in-progress, and may change from what is described here.

Elevated Structure

The station platforms for the Shinkansen and Commuter lines, as well as the Overhead Transit Station itself are supported on the elevated Viaduct station. However the structure of this varies greatly from the Kato model, using only some of the trim pieces and the entrance building. The viaduct itself is built using a sheet of hardboard topped with foamcore and Woodland Scenics foam roadbed sheeting, and supported on a set of “concrete” pillars formed of quarter-inch threaded rod and PEX tubing, along with some other hardware. This was done to provide a greater elevation than the stock viaduct station supports, as well as a more rigid structure.

Elevated Station

Atop the viaduct, and above the platforms rises a pair of waiting areas, with passages between them and down to the platforms. Part of this is located above the ground-level entrance building from the Viaduct Station set, and the implication is that people enter the overhead system there, and proceed to their platforms, or exit via the entrance building to make connections to the Tram, Subway or Bus/Taxi systems, or to walk to local businesses along the avenue paralleling the station.

Urban Station Tram B 1889
Tōkyū Setagaya line 300-series tram at the tram stop

Tram Stop

The tram stop is a relatively simple stub-end track facing a switch for the inbound and outbound tracks. It will ultimately be used by a pair of articulated light-rail vehicles (predominately Modemo Tōkyū Setagaya line 300-series trams) operated automatically by a DC control system. Aside from the track (which is not yet fully installed) and the small platform, this has not yet been constructed.

Subway Station

The Subway line runs beneath the elevated station, at ground level. It has platforms adjacent to the tram stop and entrance to the elevated station. Aside from the track, this part has not yet been constructed.

Tokyo Metro 1000 Subway 2125
Tōkyō Metro 1000 Series train on the Subway Line

Bus/Taxi Station

A parking area for bus and taxi vehicles is provided underneath the raised station. This part has not yet been constructed, but is going to include the Tomytec Moving Bus System.