Buildings of the One Point Five Meter Line

One of the principle reasons for this layout is to test out my ideas for creating a urban environment with buildings that can be individually removed for scenic or electrical work, or even replaced. These buildings will mostly be lit, and need to fit into scenery that is mostly comprised of streets and sidewalks, but in some case of simple paving coming up to the edge of the building (e.g., on narrow streets where there is no sidewalk). There will be some grass and shrubs, but not much of that.

For most of these buildings, I’ll be using LED Strip Lights for the interior lighting, although for smaller structures single LEDs will be used. I’m also going to try to make some use of EL Wire lighting, although I’m not sure if that will be successful.

Some of the buildings on this layout have already been built for the main layout, and most are designed to easily move between the two, but some structures will be specific to this layout. Others that I’m building initially for this layout will be described on the pages of this section also.