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The photo banner on the top of every page is taken from a photo found online, with Creative Commons licensing allowing derivative works. I think it nicely captures the spirit of Sumida Crossing, with the multi-track main line alongside a river, the moden Sōbu line train, and the foreground Japanese Cherry Tree ("Sakura") in bloom.

Current Photo:

Sōbu Line E233 on the bank of the Kanda river in Chiyoda, Tōkyō (2010)
License: Creative Commons By-SA 2.0
Photographer: mrhayata

This photo is a slice out of a larger image that was photoshopped (rather crudely) by me to remove some very obvious catenary poles in front of the train. You can see the effect on the water where there are some oddly repetitive patterns in the wavelets. Click on the photo to see the original (which is a very nice photo aside from the poles).