The New Layout

It doesn’t have a name yet. I’m basically calling it “the new layout” or “the next layout”. And construction hasn’t started, in fact I’m still working on design issues.

But there’s enough in my head that I need to start writing it down. So I’ve created this set of pages, which I’ll add to as time goes on and plans progress.

The New Layout will probably eventually end up being named Sumida Crossing, and the original Sumida Crossing will be “version 1” or “the old Sumida Crossing” or something. I’m not really good at naming things, and I don’t much care about a name for a layout.

There are a couple of big differences this time out though:

- It’s going to be an “around the wall” layout, not a “center of the room” layout. How much wall I can devote to this, and whether or not I can fit in a peninsula are questions as yet without answers.

- I’m going to use L-girder construction rather than flat tables.

- It’s going to use flex track, and maybe even some scratch-built track to replicate rail-on-concrete-slab style track used on some viaducts.

- It’s going to be DCC-only (unless I change my mind), although I might fit in one loop I can use for testing and burn-in somewhere.

At the same time, some things won’t change:

- It’s still N scale.

- I’m still mostly modeling JR commuter trains in urban Tōkyō.

- There will be a subway with underground stations.

- And I hope to model either the Arakawa or Setagaya tram lines, more visibly than the never-built tram of old Sumida Crossing.