Site Administrivia - January 2010

Sometimes, iWeb is a real pain. Specifically, it apparently won’t let me do an RSS feed of anything other than the blog page (or a photo album page, if I had one). There’s no option for a site-wide feed, and a bit of googling around didn’t turn up any useful hints.

I have updated the main page to make it more clear that there is a blog page, and that there’s an RSS feed option there. I’ll try to make posts for any significant changes to the site, but I’m continually adding or modifying info on existing pages at a slow rate, and most of that will go unremarked (until I think enough changes have accumulated that it’s worth noting, or the page gets to a state that I consider “done”, at least for the time being).

Recent changes and additions include:
Ongoing work on the Signals, Signs, and Signal Examples pages (still a work in progress and a bit raw).
Updates to the Unitrack page (and addition of a new Unitrack Platforms page, still a work in progress).
A new Construction page describing recent work on the planning of the “ground level” track and platforms.

There should be more about track, platforms, and the Viaduct Station in my Urban Station scene over the next week or so. When that all completes to my satisfaction, I’ll add a Musing here about it. The track plan is also obsolete, and will be updated sometime hopefully soon (the changes are minor, and reflect the track spacing and curves leading into the station; exactly how I’m changing it hasn’t been decided yet).

A second issue that’s been brought to my attention is that 12-point type in iWeb appears a lot smaller in a browser than 12-point. This may depend on the specific browser and OS in use; it’s only a little smaller for me, but that’s not universal. As a result, I’m slowly updating existing pages to 14-point type to improve legibility for folks with older eyes (like me).