A Busy Day

485 Viva Aizu Left 2253

It was a busy day in the village overlooking the Sumida River. A steady parade of trains rolled by on the embankment: commuter trains bringing workers to the city, resort trains taking vacationers away, and freights carrying commodities to and from the ports on Tōkyō Bay. But then, all days are busy on the railroads of Tōkyō.

I’ve been having fun this past month running trains on the layout now that the outer loop is operational, and I’ve shot a bit of video in the process, meaning to assemble it into an overview of the current state of the layout. I finally hit on the concept of watching several trains run through the city, tying the three scenes (Urban Station, River Crossing, and Riverside) together as they passed.

I’m not a particularly good filmmaker: those edgy angled shots are where I forgot to level the camera, for example. But I think I made something worth watching, assuming you like model Japanese trains well enough to sit through three and a half minutes of them. It’s not exactly riveting video, but then it’s really just intended to show off the current state of the layout and some of the trains that run on it, nothing more.

There are a couple of other videos on my Movies page, and the trains are described in more detail on my Roster page and the pages linked from it, should you be interested.