April 2012 Status

This monthly status is very late, which is why I’m doing it as a standalone posting rather than a footnote on an another entry. It’s mainly here because I don’t want to miss one, but there really isn’t a whole lot to say.

April went to several projects, none of which completed. I’ve mainly been working on the River Crossing scenery, although it’s moving ahead very slowly. Work is still continuing on detailing the two apartment buildings. I’ve also been working on the track and catenary for the two double-track curves in the scene, finishing up wiring, adding the sensor tracks for the grade crossing that’s going in the adjacent Riverside Station scene, and general cleaning. And I built the previously-discussed electrical pylon kit.

Some work on the under-table wiring and the power panels continued, although this mostly took a back seat to the track and models.

It all feels like very little has been done, but the layout has absorbed a copious amount of time. I suppose it’s the 80/20 rule: the last 20% takes 80% of the effort.