March 2013 Monthly Status

I’m going to change how I do the end-of-month status posts, and just do them separately. This probably won’t get pushed out until the next real post, simply because I’m lazy (and my software makes changing one page in these musings far more work than it needs to be).

March, as you may have noticed, consisted mainly of me demonstrating how little electrical knowledge I really have, much to my chagrin. I set out to construct a model of how PWM works in a DC motor, so I could better understand how my motors worked, and I managed to get it wrong pretty nearly at every step.

That all being true, I still learned quite a lot, and I have a better handle on just what PWM does now than I did before, and what kind of trade-offs are being made. At some point I’ll go fix my last couple of errors and do another, hopefully final, post to summarize all that. But I’m going to let this cook in the back of my head for a while, both to spare my readers (assuming any are left) and my own sanity.