October 2013 Status

Another month, and nothing much to show for it.

I spent the first part of the month working on the software for the Tram Controller. Then I got tired of that and set it aside.

Next I spent some time thinking about the track on the One Point Five Meter Line layout, and what to use for the station at the Urban end of that, and the platforms. I documented that in previous posts.

And then I hit a wall. I just stalled out for a couple of weeks. I didn’t really want to work on the software. I spent some time playing with occupancy detector circuits on paper, but never got around to building one (that is still something I plan to do). I thought about the scenery and buildings for the One Point Five Meter Line, but didn’t actually DO anything. I did some maintenance on the website. But all in all, very little happened.

After a hiatus, I started thinking about structures again, and I may get back to working on those shortly. But October was a “nothing much happened” month for me, as least as far as model railroading goes.